Light Study I–III
“In 2011, I began recording the atmospheric surfaces of water. Through photographic note-taking I have charted how certain conditions—wind, temperature, location, time—influence water’s interaction with light. From this distillation of information a series of work, in a variety of media, has developed. Each piece informs the next in an attempt to map the inherently unstable and fleeting qualities of light on water. Throughout this study, I have observed how light often conceals as it illuminates; how it exists simultaneously as both a negative and positive space; how it creates surface but leaves only a perceived impression.

Light Study I–III is part of this on going investigation of light and water. The dimensional forms of this triptych reference the transient spaces of light that inspire them. The work reflects an interest in tactile presence and the sculptural possibilities of both paper and print. Important to the edition is the role of light, not only as subject, but also as a medium. Just as light and water interact and activate one another within their environment, raking light activates the captured forms of this printed edition and brings the quiet surfaces of the paper to life.”

Victoria Burge